Our Mission


Pediatric Center for Wellness’ mission is to take indispensable values of compassion, empathy and respect and blend them with modern medicine to meet the preventive, acute and chronic medical needs of the children we serve. We partner with parents and caregivers to create positive change through the integration of physical, intellectual, and emotional health, one family at a time.


Our goal is to offer an uncompromising level of medical care that will create a unique pediatric experience for both parents and their children. We consider pediatric wellness to be an integration of physical, intellectual, emotional and social health. Our focus is not just on the physical aspects of pediatrics, but on the holistic view that encompasses the child’s family and social environment as well. At PCW, we incorporate excellent customer service and accessibility, encourage communication with our parents and caregivers, and use evidence-based medicine to deliver integrated medical services to our patients. Our vision for the future is to go beyond basic pediatric care and create an environment of wellness which provides education, disease management and wellness programs that will enhance the lives of our pediatric patients and their families.